8 Handmade tiles Abstract Painterly panel #14 100 x 125 x 6mm each

£ 80.00

These rectangle handmade tiles are hand cut so slightly rough or uneven around edges, This gives a real handmade look.  I used a textured clay. Each tile is hand painted using matt glazes in a very abstract painterly manner using cobalt and copper oxides. These tiles can be used as a centre piece display measuring 42x26cms leaving a small grouting gap as in the picture. They would look good with a biscuit coloured grouting, which I can advise. Ideal splash back for a bathroom, or in a line as border. 

These tiles are a one off design designed to be displayed next to each other. 

These are sold as a set and £5.00 delivery to UK addresses. Other addresses delivery will be quoted at cost. 

If you are interested please email me or call 07887561042

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