Ancient Egyptian Glass Vessel #3

This work is inspired by Ancient Egyptian glass vessels on display in the Gordiola Glassworks Museum ,  Algaida, Mallorca. The actual vessels are between 10- 15cms high and the swirling zig zag patterns and colours, despite their incredible age, are beautiful. They were probably used for precious oils and perfumes. A member of the Gordiola family, Daniel Adelquer Gordiola,  travelled to Egypt  during 1947 48 and brought these items back to Mallorca to start a museum of glass  

Mixed stoneware and porcelain paperclays, grogs and additions, with coloured slips. Because of the different shrinkage rates of the clays used this thin, but strong, paperclay surface naturally warps during firing giving a wavy contour which adds to the archaeological distressed theme of this piece. It is attached to a wood back board with hanging attachments

This piece is designed to hang on the wall..

This item is available from my studio at £180.00, a sale price.

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