Three Dried fish on a rug, Mapusa, Goa

£ 495.00

Dried fish and wonderful colourful rugs are sold in the local market in Mapusa, Goa. After a morning in the market, I spent the afternoon painting these funny character fish laid on the colourful striped rug which I had bought that morning in the market. When I got back to the UK  I decided to recreate my painting into a three dimensional ceramic sculptural piece.

I used various clays mixed with paper pulp, coloured slips and matt glazes, with a textured background with added inclusions, for textured effects.

The work is displayed in a handmade white wood box frame, slightly distressed texture, designed to be hung on the wall.

I also have the original water colour studies for this series of work, please enquire if interested., set of three framed for £200,00 each.

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