Ox Eye Daisies, Mosaic tabletop

£ 750.00

This mosaic table top has been created entirely using my own glazed ceramic tiles. One fired these tiles are smashed up and rearranged into the design on a painted wood frame. This wood frame then sits neatly over a metal and wood bistro table, I can supply the metal and wood bistro table  (an additional £25.00), or you may already have one.   The grouting used for the mosaic is a waterproof one so this table can be used outside. 

The inspiration for this table design came from my Ox Eye daisy patch in my wildflower garden. There are some 20+different coloured glazes used, you can see the before and after glazing the tiles in the additional photos.  I love to have free brushstrokes and layer the glazes. When the tiles came out of the kiln I bravely smashed them up and rearranged the pieces within the frame for the tabletop. Each fragment has its unique beauty & qualities,  a bit like finding a fragment of ceramics when mudlarking and imagining what the whole looked like and the story it has to tell.    A lovely wildflower tabletop to enjoy all year round and especially to enjoy outside, or inside,  with a glass of wine! 

This mosaic can easily be used for wall art, with hanging attachments which I can provide. This can then be hung in a sunny place with no fear of colours fading like usual painted artworks.

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