Imagine, or remember, visiting local markets and the smells, colours, sounds and bustle of people in the place? This is my inspiration!

Inspired from visiting markets for local produce from land and sea her in UK  and abroad. These market boxes of fish, fruit and vegetables are displayed in handmade wood boxes, lime waxed and distressed,  to give a weathered feel of markets from long ago.

This work is designed to be displayed on the wall as sculptural wall art, and often sold in twos and threes or more for the real feel of a market display. Even a single box can bring colour and interest to your home!

Prices for these artworks range from £495 to £850 for the more complex mixed fruit and veg boxes. Each item in a box is handmade, no moulds used, and has several layers of slips, under glazes and glazes to get an intensity of colour - an intensity of work goes into them too!


Colourful still life everyday images of food and vegetables waiting to be prepared, inspired by the old still life masters from centuries ago and contemporary photography from cook books and foodie magazines - all about life and cuisine today! Most, but not all,  of the pieces in this section are sold, but if you are interested in a particular one please call or email me and I can discuss making one similar for you or I may just have something which is in progress in the workshop!

Prices for artworks in this range start from around £280  for the smaller pieces- £850 for the larger artworks.

These sculptural ceramic mixed media wall art pieces are inspired by local markets and Indian cuisine on my travels through India across the Rajasthan desert and through to Gujarat and down to Goa. 

These pieces are displayed in handmade wood box frames stained and distressed to give an authentic aged look. Often I include flea market finds of old cutlery and other interesting artifacts!