Keralan Fishing Boats, Cochin. Mosaic tabletop

£ 750.00

This mosaic table top has been created entirely using my own glazed ceramic tiles. One fired these tiles are smashed up and rearranged into a new design on a painted wood frame. This wood frame then sits neatly over a metal and wood bistro table, you may already have one. The grouting used for the mosaic is a waterproof one so this table can be used outside. The actual bistro table is an additional £25.00

The inspiration for this table design came from my trip to Kerala where I saw these colourful striped fishing boats come into the Cochin fish market area and offload the day's catch, which was immediately auctioned on the spot! 

This mosaic can easily be used for wall art, with hanging attachments which I can provide. This can then be hung in a sunny place with no fear of colours fading like usual painted artworks.

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